Available Courses

Persons in the financial field are welcome to sign-up on the Inspired Learning site for free, to browse and to contact us for more information on what we are offering as well as courses under development.

What learning material is available?

We are currently offering learning material for two Level 1 Courses, with material that Financial Advisors and Key Individuals have to write examinations on:

1.Representative’s Course. Representatives will be required to know and apply the following with regards to the FAIS- and FICA Acts:

COSTS: R1 200


2.Key Individual Course. This RE will test the Key Individual Financial Advisor’s knowledge of the FAIS Act, the FICA Act and sub-ordinate legislation of the FAIS Act:

COSTS: R1 800


3. FICA Refresher Course. This course will test the general knowledge of the Learner ito the FICA Act and Regulations and provide Staff with an annual certification as required by Sec 43 of the FICA Act:

COSTS: R 360 (Special arrangements can be negotiated for Groups and/or Companies)


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