How it works – FAIS

The Site

Our site has been developed with absolute simplicity in mind. All the functions are clear and as browser or client one should have no problem whatsoever in navigating the site.

How does it work?

Sign-up to the website is free to any person. Please feel free to browse at your leisure and to contact us if there is any other information that you might need to make a decision to join us a client and Learner.

The Learner registration function will provide a questionnaire that needs to be filled out correctly. Once the information has been submitted and verified the client would then be directed to a function to facilitate secure online-payment for the particular Course or even a Chapter (Representative Course only) the client wishes to purchase.

As soon as payment has been effected the Learner will be sent an E Mail with the particular link that has to be used, as well as a Username and Password to be used. This will enable the Learner to access the particular Course, or maybe a particular Chapter.

The Learner will then access the Module Material and work through the Chapters, one at a time. After each Chapter it would always be a good idea to do a test on the Chapter. Results are immediately available and can be tracked by the Learner. There is no restriction on the number of times a Learner can do any test.

After completion of all the Chapters of a particular Course, a test can be done on the Course as a whole. This result will give the Learner a good indication of his/her level of knowledge obtained from the learning material, and if more input from the Learner is required. In the case of a KI test, all material from the Representative’s Course will also be included in the test.

At the discretion of the Learner and after a Learner has completed a Course, and feels confident to do so, the Learner will then have to contact one of the accredited agencies in order to book for the formal examination which would have to be done. Links are provided on the site.

Please have fun and feel free to make suggestions, comments and even contributions to the material would be most welcome!!!

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