FICA Refresher Course Info

According to the FICA Act, Section 43, An accountable institution must provide training to its employees to enable them to comply with the provisions of this Act and the internal rules applicable to them.

Inspired Learning has devised a very informal and pleasant study method using study material, slides, reading matter and real-life case studies. By studying the material the Learner will understand the terminology used, how FICA ties in with FAIS and will have a wealth of reading matter to keep the studies interesting. Internal Rules are very particular to each Company, and will not be covered.

How does it work – The Short & Sweet of it.

FAIS Act 37 of 2002, Chapter III, Section 13(2)(b) states that is the duty of authorised Financial Services Providers (FSP’s) to ensure that their requires that their Representatives comply to all other legislation.

The FICA Act 38 of 2001 then elaborated on this requirement by prescribing that all FSP’s need to have Policies & Procedures, Internal Rules, Reporting procedures etc in place – and most important that all staff need to be trained to enable them to comply with the provisions of the Act (Section 43). It is thus then required that training material be put in place and assessments done to test the level of understanding of the material.

Registration and signup is fully automated and the Learner will receive a Username and Password as soon as the registration process is completed, and payment made.

The Learner will have unrestricted access 24/7 to all the learning material of the course, which would include slides, case studies, reading material and a reference section if needed. Online examination to test the acquired knowledge can then be done – no limitations to examinations.

Once a mark of 60% is achieved when writing the test, auto certification is done by the system and a certificate is mailed to E Mail address supplied.

Please enjoy! Feedback and suggestions would be appreciated.

Even a little recap of the most important ideas or information from do my homework for me the section could work well