Our Methodology

We have studied all the relevant Legislation, sub-ordinate Legislation, Codes of Conduct and prescribed learning materials and converted them into questions and answers.

This ensures that we sourced all our questions and answers from:

  • The FAIS ACT
  • General Code of Conduct
  • FIC Act (FICA)
  • Board Notices and sub-ordinate Legislation
  • Inseta learning material
  • Bankseta learning material

We followed the FSB guidelines in Board Notice 105 and the preparation guide for Level 1 Regulatory Exams where the qualifying criteria were set out for Key Individuals and Representatives. We then broke the relevant questions and answers down into chapters and modules. Each chapter consists of modules where RE relevant material is broken down into manageable bites. At the end of each module Learners are provided multiple-choice answers to ensure they have internalized and understood the material learnt.

This happens again at the end of each chapter. All multiple choice tests may be reviewed to see where problems exist or where revision needs to be done. At the end of the course Learners can then do a full multiple choice test which simulates the 2 hour Representative exam of 50 questions and the 2½ hour Key Individual exam with 80 questions.

All Key Individuals are advised to complete the Representatives program first. We are able to track all Learners in the system and see what progress is being made with their learning, as well as see which questions are being misunderstood. This will allow us to send out communiqués on those areas that Learners are struggling with.

Furthermore we have also designed the system to appoint Supervisors within the Company (with multiple Learners) and provide them with access to monitor the progress of their Learners and thus gather management information in this way.

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